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Success Stories

Emmy D.JPG

Emmy D.

Boston, MA

I have been working with Paige for a few months now. When I was in high school and early into college, I did a lot of therapy. I then got out of it for a few years, and recently dealt with a breakup of a long term, serious boyfriend. I wanted to get back to talking to someone, and with my work schedule, I needed something that was flexible with time and could be virtual. I really love my sessions with Paige because we talk through the problems I am currently facing, create goals, and have someone to hold you accountable for those goals. Therapy and life-coaching are different, which has been an adjustment for me, but something I have been trying to focus on is being more present, which completely reflects itself in life-coaching. 


Sarah G.

Denver, CO

I really enjoyed working with Paige! It was a valuable experience for sure. I was a bit lost after shutting down my business due to COVID, and I was swimming in uncertainty. I didn’t even know how much I needed her services, until we started the work. She really helped me get my thoughts organized and home in on what my next steps would be. I felt empowered and inspired after our work together. 5 stars all around!


Andrew C.

Los Angeles, CA

Paige has considerable expertise in the composition, typical focus points and key qualifying factors of a successful resume. After having worked with her on a resume breakdown, I view the document and it’s purpose from a substantially stronger, more informed viewpoint. Paige’s consultation not only helped with my ability to be discerning when reviewing resumes but with positively positioning my own resume and job history as well. Thank you!


Harry D.

Randolph, VT

I can’t speak more highly of Paige! She took the time to listen to all I had to say and gave me the space to express myself freely. She never pushed her ideas onto me but allowed me to come up with my own through thoughtful questions and discussion. In short, she is incredible!


Sophie L.

Seattle, WA

Paige was kind and sincere in helping me set my goals and pursue my dreams. She helped me plan them out and gave me structure and techniques into achieving them. They were much easier to achieve with her and I’m so grateful!


Gina H.

Denver, CO

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a coaching consultation from Paige and I cannot say enough great things about her. She is driven, collaborative and passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals with lasting results. She truly helps clients feel empowered and she really cares about the work that she does. I highly recommend Paige’s services to anyone who is considering coaching - you will not be disappointed!

IMG_3461 - Ian Jimeno.jpg

Ian J.

Denver, CO

I'd recommend Paige as a coach to hear yourself talk things out with a person who is non judgmental and wants you to achieve your goals. It was an introspective, thoughtful, and honestly fun experience working with Paige. I've never took time to reflect on the items I have been working on or what my day was like, and Paige helped me work on that. Accountability helps you achieve your goals. Paige can help remind you of your goals and not have you develop shiny object syndrome.

Red Poppy

Hannah J.

Westminster, CO

Working with Paige was very comfortable! She helped me think through challenges and gain a new perspective on my current job and future career goals. My favorite part about working with Paige was her ability to simplify problems. Overwhelming stressors were broken down into manageable action steps and I left each session feeling motivated to make positive changes! Paige was so patient and understanding! She opened me up to new ideas and helped give me the push I needed to take my next career steps.

emily c - woods photo off of google.jpg

Emily C.

West Jefferson, NC

After each coaching session, I felt like I had some pressure taken off of me and less anxiety. Is is very nice to have some reassurance and
proper tools. Now, I am treating myself with a lot more kindness and grace. As well as feeling more confidence with how I handle my obstacles.

DD091360-FF96-49A4-9D6B-D9096730182D - Rebecca Keogh.jpeg

Rebecca S.


My favorite part working with Paige was the collaborative nature. Paige helped me solve my own issues and dig deeper into the real reasons that I wanted change. After my sessions with her, I have a better mindset and self-talk around my day-to-day life that has allowed me to create a routine that I am confident I can build upon. 


Arden P.

Tulsa, OK

I started working with Paige in July and she’s had a MASSIVE impact on my life - I’ve made more progress in 6 months with Paige than I would have in multiple years if I was navigating things on my own. She’s helped me think differently about my life which has in turn created many opportunities - I’m making the most money I ever have in both my career and side hustle, have men flocking to me as we like to put it 😂, have gone on amazing adventures and spent time with the people that matter most, and significantly improved my mental health. It’s truly been one of the best investments that I’ve made and I cannot recommend her enough.


Umi L.

Amherst, MA

I love working with Paige. She is so real and honest, it feels like talking to a close friend. I have worked with her twice and will definitely be seeing her again. She is an incredible listener and gave me the space to uncover my own limitations, feelings and dreams, while also asking very poignant question that take me closer to the root of my desires. She speaks from experience and walks with humility, and I admire how she reflects on her growth as a life coach. Thank you Paige. ❤️❤️


Laura R.

Loveland, CO

Paige is a very passionate person. She takes full care and consideration into her clients needs. She has always been amazing at validating, reflecting, empathizing and understanding. If you feel that being heard has been a struggle in your world, Paige would be a great fit for you!


Grace C.

Thornton, CO

Paige has a unique ability to cut through the BS and communicates clearly and compassionately. She helped me identify what my stuck points were and then guided me in coming up some realistic, simple and achievable steps to break through that stuck spot. I know who to call to get me moving again in the direction of my goals and dreams. I am so thankful for her!


Jordan A.

Bloomington, IL

Paige is a talented coach who is comfortable working with clients and giving research presentations about her work. A personable and compassionate leader, I have no doubts that Paige Mitchell Coaching LLC will soon be positively impacting the lives of individuals. She is knowledgeable of innovative techniques to help clients become more resilient, effective, and passionate about their work. I highly recommend Paige to any potential clients or partners.


Rachael C.

Denver, CO

Wonderful coach! She definitely helped me to set my intentions and motivated me to make moves toward my personal goals.

IMG_2971 - Emily Kuzmick.jpg

E. K.

Lakewood, OH

Paige is no BS - she'll call you out if you're making excuses or voicing self-doubt. I need that encouragement from time to time, so I loved that! The experience was great - so organic and adaptive. At first I did not know what to expect, having never experienced coaching before, and being at a bit of a crossroads in my life in general. With each session, however, Paige worked with me to meet my current and future needs. After each coaching session I felt lighter! And more organized in my mind - I loved coming away with actionable steps to help achieve my short and long- term goals.

Almond Tree Flowers

Kelsey S.

Los Angeles, CA

During our time working together, Paige provided resources, information, and guidance that helped me with specific life goals. I always felt like she had my best interest in mind and was extremely supportive. Her help allowed me to move forward in my career. After each coaching session, I felt productive, more confident, and also grateful to have a roadmap to follow until our next meeting.

StephHeadshot - Stephanie O'Quinn.jpg

Stephanie O

Redlands, CA

My favorite part working with Paige was leaving each session with attainable goals for the week, and someone to hold me accountable to them. Also, having someone separated from my personal and professional life that could offer advice and root me on. Made all the difference! Anyone that is on the fence about starting coaching sessions with Paige, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

21881CE7-79DC-4132-9F3F-1C00272033D2_1_201_a - Eva Hanlon.jpeg

Eva H.

Denver, CO

Paige is really easy to connect with and work with. I appreciated how she tailored her coaching toolbox to my needs as compared to someone who may be at a different point in their career journey. She doesn't waist your valuable time and gets straight to the point.

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