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1,048 steps on a volcano gets ya thinking..🌋🥾

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

One of the best hikes of my life (physically and metaphorically) was Koko Head Trail in Oahu, Hawaii. I already lived in Honolulu for 6 months and when my boyfriend came to visit, we decided to try this famous hike together. I kept hearing from locals how incredible it was and wanted to give it a go. I was warned that my legs were going to burn from this ultimate Stairmaster workout, but I didn’t care! I knew the view was going to be worth it.

Koko Head trail is a very steep way up, made of the remains of an old railway. The railway station was used during WWII to transport people and supplies to and from the military bunkers at the top of Koko Crater. The railway was built somewhere between 1942 and 1943. 1,048 steps, Koko crater is a volcano, but not active. Geological evidence indicates that the last eruption would have been about 7,000 years ago!

The start of the trail…

You immediately see the steps ahead are not maintained. 80% of the steps were completely sketchy, as the gaps in between steps can be large and halfway broken. The good news was, there were plenty of opportunities to take a break. We just stepped to the side to stand or sit next to the railway steps to catch our breath but alas, it only got steeper and steeper…

The middle of the trail...

I was ready to quit and head back. I looked behind me and noticed, “WOW I’ve come so far.” And at the same time, I looked up and said, “OH sh** I have a long way to go.” I felt discouraged when people were blazing past us, but some hikers were taking their sweet time. I didn’t come this far to quit, so, we kept going!

The home stretch...

The final part of the hike was unforgiving. My quads were burning as I made my way to the top. But daaaannnnng look at that view! I was so grateful to have my partner by my side, encouraging me with every step. We were so sweaty and it rained on us too on our way down which was the perfect cool-off.

I’m showing you these pictures of not just the beautiful view from the top, but the true STRUGGLE of this hike. Majority of what we post on social media platforms only show the GOOD PARTS of our lives. The very last, beautiful and finished product that no one gets to see the process of your efforts. Well not today!

Moral of the story: this hike had several lessons as a friendly reminder…

  • Can you look at the steps behind you and be grateful and proud of how far you’ve come?

  • Take a break mid hike! Go to the side, catch your breathe and refocus on your goals, motivation and stamina.

  • Mind the gap! There will always be things blocking your way, just keep going.

  • When you eventually HIT the goal, it’s that much more fulfilling because every step of the way, you enjoyed the process and had fun!

  • Who is on your team, encouraging you every step of the way? A friend, a family member, a partner, maybe a Life Coach!?

Now it's your turn...I'm curious, what is the “hike of life” journey you are on today? Write in the comments below!

Check out my favorite song that was popular at the time when I lived in Honolulu!


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